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Best Way to Clean a Hotel Room

For all the tourists around the world, the hotel is not only a place to sleep, but a place where you can change your daily routine, a place to relax and to feel better. They all like their hotel rooms to be well-cleaned and to smell good and fresh. If you want to satisfy your guests and make them want to return in your hotel and tell their friends for this place, the cleaner London says that you should make sure that every room or every other area in your hotel is cleaned and looking-good.

In this article, professionals from London cleaning services will share with you their cleaning tips on the best way to clean a hotel room. Read all the instructions below and find out how to deal every time with this task in the easiest, but the best way possible. What are the steps that you should follow?

1.Start by removing all dirty linens and towels. Then, you should make sure that there isn’t any trash in the bathroom and the room.

2.The cleaner London says that you should prepare two clean sheets – one fitted and one flat. Put them on the bed. You should also put the pillowcases on the pillows. Replace the comforter and the blanket.

3.When you are done with the bed, you should take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom. Spray the shower walls and the bathtub. Use a clean rag to wipe them down. Disinfect the shower curtain. The cleaning within Hill End expert advises you to change it, if it’s dirty. You should also spray all the surfaces of the toilet with a proper cleaner and wipe them down using another clean rag – you don’t want to spread the germs and the bacteria!

4.Use a glass cleaner to clean the mirrors, the TV, the phone and of course – the windows. Don’t forget the other surfaces such as desk, drawers, etc. and make sure that you use the proper cleaner. The cleaner London advises you to look very carefully for carpet stains and act immediately in case of one.

5.Make sure that all items provided by the hotel are replaced. Vacuum and use an air freshener to spray the room.

These are the basic things that you should do. For more details on the best way to clean a hotel room, contact professional cleaners from Hillingdon.

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